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FIC: "Shadows & Nightmares" (12.2/40)

  • May. 13th, 2010 at 8:26 PM
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Shadows & Nightmares
By Simarillion

Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Universe: Alternative Universe
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, others
Warnings: slash, M/M, violence, gore
Word Count: 401 words (10,624 words total)
Summary: The hunt is on.
Disclaimer: None of the herein presented happenings and events are true. Everything is 100% fiction and that includes the sexuality of the characters. I don’t claim to be in the know about their relations and private affairs, and I don’t make any money with the creation of this story.
The title of the story was taken from the Shadows & Nightmares compilation by Two Steps From Hell.
Author’s Note: This storyline stems from my wish to write some kind of horror/thriller plot. Listening to Two Steps From Hell’s Horror and Thriller albums didn’t help any.


He watches his mate leave, anger and dislike radiating off him in such amount it makes Jensen almost sick. He doesn't understand why the human is so upset. The last couple of weeks he had been watching Jared, trying to find out more about his mate.

The one time the met in the market he had been overwhelmed by his surrounding, all the food laid up in rows and for everyone to take, and in combination with the smell of his mate he had been taken completely by surprise.

After that misshapen encounter he had kept his distance when watching the other. There was a pull that had him return to the proximity of his mate all the time and even though he kept far enough away to keep from intruding he couldn't just stay away completely. It would be like starving himself to death.

A couple of times during is watch he had found Jared meeting his eyes and every time it had happened his heart had beat harder and happiness had sparked inside him. It was a sign that his mate could sense him and that he was reacting to Jensen's presence.

The confrontation that had taken place right now came as even more of a surprise to him. Never had he imagined the reaction to his person to be negative. For Jensen it had always been clear that they belonged at each other's side and therefore the dislike and anger directed at his person for actually seeking out his mate's presence is inexplicable to him.

He forces the nausea that he feels down and fights to get his composure back. The people queuing for their coffee are looking at him, fear and revulsion clouding around them. The stink does nothing to help him get himself back under control. With a shaking head he takes a paper cup and goes back to making coffee.

Once his shift is over he'll need to talk with Samantha and he'll need to call Jeff. There's something that he did wrong and he needs to know what it is. He has to keep from repeating the mistake again and enraging his mate even further. Maybe he should try to explain to Jared in person why he was following him around. Or he might just follow him as a wolf. But first he needed to talk to Jeff. Jeff would know what to do.

=> 13.


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