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FIC: "Thawing Distance" (7/10)

  • May. 17th, 2010 at 1:31 AM
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Thawing Distance
By Simarillion

Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Universe: Alternative Universe
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, others
Warnings: slash, M/M
Word Count: 2,725 (22,916 total)
Summary: Tell it like it is. (Of settling and living)
Disclaimer: None of the herein presented happenings and events are true. Everything is 100% fiction and that includes the sexuality of the characters. I don’t claim to be in the know about their relations and private affairs, and I don’t make any money with the creation of this story.

Author’s Note: I changed the age of Jensen and Jared, they are the same age now. The plot wouldn’t really work otherwise.

This is part 6 of the Glaciology! ‘verse. Jensen is a scientist in the field of glaciology and he spends most of his time surrounded by ice, whereas Jared is a Hollywood movie star. Prequel to this story are Invisible Glaciers, Iceberg Anatomy, Avalanches Approaching, Crevasse Rescue, and Shelf Ice Meander.

Author's Note 2: Finally the smut that everyone had to wait so long for. I hope that the wait was worth it.


Part Seven

Jared returns from the Caribbean one week after Chad’s surprise visit and very much like his best friend, he just shows up one evening, knocking on the door.

Jensen is sitting in the living room, talking to his mum on the phone. His parents liked last Thanksgiving so much, they have decided that they want a repeat of the family gathering and Jensen is only too happy to have everyone at his place again. There’s enough room, and he’s closer to Jared, which means that he might get to spend some time with him during the holidays.

“But this time your dad and I will fly up to California. No more driving for me.” There’s his dad’s voice in the back commenting on the phone conversation they are having. Jensen grins at the exasperated tone of voice. “No, no. I know what I have to expect if I agree to drive all the way up there with you. There will be a boatload of detours and bad food in some rundown dinner.”

The mere thought of his mum in some kind of shady establishment in the middle of nowhere has Jensen fight the laughter that starts bubbling up. “Mum, it’s no problem if you want to fly. Tom and Mike will help me with the chauffeuring. Between the three of us we’ll get everyone to my house safe and sound.”

Just as he wants to add some more mollifying words, a knock at the front door has him look up and Dean scramble for the door. The excited barking has his heart speed up with nervousness. Jared is still in the Caribbean, at least he was last evening. There hadn’t been any talk about him coming back any time soon.

While his mum continues to argue with his dad while Jensen is still on the phone, he reaches the door and maneuvers around the husky who is currently dancing around in front of the door. “Dean, let me get the door.”

Another knock and finally he manages to get past Dean. Ignoring the squabbling thousands of miles away, he unlocks the door and opens it. Even though he had suspected and hoped hat Jared would be on the other side, the sight of the deeply tanned face, split with a bright smile, dimples and sparkling eyes, stuns Jensen momentarily.

The paralysis is abruptly ended when three dogs start running around, almost knocking him into the side table, upending the bowl with the keys and the change money. Harley and Sadie, together with Dean, are so excited they don’t know what to do first. They turn from Jensen to Jared and back, yipping and barking all the time.

“Happy to see me?” Jared’s question is accompanied with a cocky grin and suddenly Jensen pushes away from the table he’s been leaning against, grabbing Jared’s shirt and pulling him closer. He mashes his lips against the still grinning lips and kisses Jared hard. “I guess you missed me.”

Jensen only breaks the kiss to end his phone call with his parents and then he throws the front door closed and pushes Jared against it. The mobile drops to the floor, clattering against the wooden boards but he doesn’t care. The sound completely escapes his notice.

His hands slowly let go of the shirt to skim up to Jared’s shoulders, and then framing his face. Jared tastes of soda and sweat and chewing gum. There’s slight stubble on his cheeks and jaw and Jensen rubs his own cheeks against it. He missed touching Jared. They had been talking on the phone and texting each other every day, but the closeness and the physical presence of the other had been sorely lacking.

“You didn’t tell me.” Anything else he might have added is swallowed by Jared’s next kiss. If Jensen is doing his best to get his hands on Jared, Jared beats him by actually lifting him up and carrying past the dogs and up the stairs. Even in the happy bliss he finds himself in right now, Jensen doesn’t fail to be impressed with the display of strength.

True Jared has always taken care of his body and working out is an important part of doing that, but it takes a lot of strength to life someone of Jensen’s size and weight and then to carry them upstairs to the upper floor.

“Impressive.” His compliment comes with the extra of long and teasing nips and licks along Jared’s jaw, all the way back to his neck. He chuckles amused into his ear and wraps his legs around Jared’s waist. Better safe than sorry. It would put a serious dampener on the mood if all of a sudden Jared’s strength is not enough and Jensen is dropped down.

The new position has the advantage of better positioning and Jensen uses this to kiss and bite Jared’s neck while carding his hands through the thick brown mop of hair. It’s soft and there are still remnants of the heat of sunshine in them. Or at least to Jensen feels like there is.

Thus occupied with a delectable stretch of skin he never notices their arrival in the bedroom. It comes of somewhat a surprise when he’s suddenly deposited on top of the sheets. Forcing himself to let go of Jared he watches him take off his shoes and socks, the shirt follows before he crawls onto the bed and over Jensen.

“I have the next four days off, and the rest of the week only phone interviews and reading of scripts to do, I will keep you in here with me for as long as I manage to drag you away from work and friends.” Jared’s voice is husky and his pupil’s have blown. He looks almost feral with his hair in disarray and the flush on his bare chest.

His only reply to this declaration is to reach up and pull Jared down. Delivering a hard kiss he bites down lightly on his lower lip. Jensen feels so relaxed and happy right now he can’t help smiling wide up at Jared.

His grin is met by Jared’s own and it’s moments like this that he likes best. It’s the intimacy of sharing a smile, knowing that the other feels the same you do. Never before has it been like this with anyone else in Jensen’s life. What he shares with Jared is unique and special. As mushy that may sound it’s the only way to describe them.

All his thoughts are cut short when Jared unzips Jensen’s jeans and one hand worms inside, shoving fabric aside in its determined quest of getting him undressed. First the pants and the boxer briefs go. Next to follow are the socks and the shirt. In the end he lays spread out on top of the bed smiling up at Jared.

“I really missed you.” The words are soft and make him feel warm inside. Jensen reaches up and his fingers trace over Jared’s face caressing him and at the same time coaxing him closer. When it takes longer than Jensen deems necessary he just sits up and smashes his lips against Jared’s.

The kissing becomes more frantic with every minute until Jensen reaches down and tugs at the buttons of Jared’s jeans. He growls with impatience as he has to undo the button fly. The slow down is definitely not welcome right now.

Finally he can push down the pants, reaching skin and clawing at it. When Jared settles down on top of him his hard on is aligned next to Jensen’s. It doesn’t take long for them to start rubbing against each other while kissing. Jensen’s hands come to rest on Jared’s ass pressing him down, harder against him.

“Definitely missed this.” The comment is more of a groan than a real statement. Jensen is busy licking and kissing Jared’s neck and throat. He loves the smell and the taste. It’s almost intoxicating. Combined with the roughness of Jared’s voice as it grows heavy with arousal it drives him crazy. “Definitely missed you and this.”

Jensen can’t help but roll his eyes at that. “Poor you.”

His cheek is punished with a swat on his ass and Jensen grins cheekily at Jared. He liked it when he got under Jared’s skin. It’s like a rush to see the other get all worked up about Jensen, to see proof of his feelings for Jensen.

“Come here.” Tugging Jensen in place, Jared has stopped the rubbing and rolls over to reach for the night stand. Licking his lips, Jensen watches him get the lube and a condom out of the drawer. It’s the first time in Jensen’s life that condoms and lube are fixtures in his bedroom. He likes the thought about why that has changed.

“It seems like you need some reminding of what you missed these weeks.” The words are accompanied with deep kiss and then Jensen is cajoled to roll onto his front.

At first he’s surprised when Jared starts kissing and licking his way down his spine, he had expected lubed fingers preparing him, but the feeling of strong hands rubbing down his back, the occasional nips, have him pant in no time. He spreads his legs wider, one leg inching higher to get better purchase and to be able to rub his hard cock against the sheets.

It feels like an eternity until Jared reaches the end of his spine and then the tongue dips even lower. His cheeks are held apart by Jared’s hands and the hot tongue presses against his hole. The unexpected feeling has Jensen pucker up, but soon the kneading and licking has him relaxed enough for Jared to push his tongue into him.

Jensen can’t keep from whimpering as Jared spreads his cheeks further apart to be able to rim him even deeper. He wants to rub harder against the bed under him, but since his movements seem to hinder Jared in what he’s doing, the other keeps him pinned to the bed. The only thing Jensen can do is claw against the sheets and moan into the pillow.

The feeling of Jared’s tongue in his ass is almost too much. Jensen goes almost crazy with pleasure, trying hard to toss and turn, his cock painfully hard, his nipples sensitive and rubbing against the cotton he’s lying on.

Just when Jensen thinks he can’t endure anymore of this, the rimming stops. Through the rushing of his blood and the beating of his heart, Jensen can hear the sound of the bottle of lube being opened and then two slicked fingers are at his entrance, pressing in and starting the preparation in earnest.

“Turn around, Jensen.” He barely takes notice of the words, but Jared underlines his request by rolling Jensen on his back, the fingers are dislodged, but that is of no importance to either of them since Jensen reaches up, pulling Jared down. He almost devours Jared with a kiss that is all kinds of desperate.

Jared tastes of him. It is a strange taste, one that Jensen can’t really get used to; no matter how many times Jared does this to him. He’s not disgusted by it but it’s so alien to him that he’s surprised time and time again.

While Jensen does his best to lick his taste out of Jared’s mouth, the other unpacks the condom and rolls it onto his cock. Jared breaks to kiss to spread lube onto the latex covered erection and then he positions himself for the penetration.

“I really missed you.” At this Jensen reaches up and holds on to Jared’s arms.

It’s surprising how he doesn’t even tense for a second as Jared pushes inside. The burn of the stretch sending heat into his body and making him shiver. It’s a good kind of burn, more like an amazing and perfect kind of burn. It’s like every nerve in Jensen’s body is attuned to whatever Jared is doing. His body and his mind are welcoming him back.

A short grunt signals that Jared is getting ready to speed things up a little. With one arm he stems himself up and with the other he’s cradling Jensen’s face. There is a look of concentration on Jared’s face but once he starts moving the tense lines and the frown melt away, leaving Jared slack-jawed and bright eyed.

Jensen feels the fullness of the penetration but he revels in the little sharp edge to the pleasure that fills him. He’s getting a cramp in his left thigh but right now he couldn’t care less. Hitching the leg even higher around Jared’s waist, the change in position has hot sparks shoot through his body.

“So good Jensen.” Jared’s pupils are so blown his eyes look like black pools. With his mouth open he pants and grunts his pleasure. “Come on.”

A particularly sharp thrust has Jensen shout out in surprise and ecstasy, his eyes drifting closed. Jared had located his prostate and with the apparent success of the new angle, he kept on rubbing over the sensitive spot causing fireworks behind Jensen’s closed eyelids.

“Look at me.” But the heat and tension building up inside of him makes it almost impossible to open the eyes again. The hand on his face strokes over Jensen’s cheek and Jared leans down, panting open-mouthed kisses against his lips. “Oh god.”

There is a definite howl to Jared’s tone of voice by now. Jensen forces himself to blink his eyes open, but sweat runs from his brow into them, burning uncomfortably in the eyes. Jared’s face is all flushed, rivulets of sweat running down, drops collecting on his chin and dropping on Jensen’s chest. The lips that before had been bruised from the kissing are deep red now and the eyes have a shine to them that adds to the blackness of the blown pupils.

The sound of their panting is getting harsher and Jensen can hear himself moan and beg as if he’s listening in from outside his body. His whole being is one giant bundle of nerves that us burning with pleasure, the heat rising towards a peak that is almost in reach,

“Jensen.” Jared’s voice is definitely breathless with exertion and desire. “That feels so fucking good.”

Steadily the pace of the thrusts is getting more frantic. Jensen lets go of Jared’s arms and his hands trance the muscles of Jared’s chest down his stomach and one hand comes to rest at his hip, holding on to him, and his other hand reaches for his cock, slicking the precome over it, setting a pace that matches Jared’s thrusts.

All too soon Jensen feels the tensing of his muscles, his stomach and thighs tightening, his toes curling at the orgasm that he feels coming on. A couple more thrusts and Jensen arcs his back, his head thrown back, and groans. His body shakes and through the pleasure haze of his own orgasm, he can feel Jared’s.

“Oh god, Jensen.” Jared’s voice breaks and his pounds desperately into Jensen as he finds completion. The sight of the tension and concentration melting away into the relaxed post-orgasmic bliss is almost like coming for a second time.

Jensen can feel Jared pulling out and pulling the used condom off. Reluctantly he lets go of Jared, watching through half-lidded eyes as Jared gets up and heads for the bathroom. There is the sound of the toilet flushing, the tab being switched on and off and then he returns with a wet towel in his hand.

With a smirk he climbs on top of Jensen and starts wiping him down and cleaning away any traces of their intercourse.

“You know, next time you’ll have to come with me.” He leans down and presses a happy kiss against Jensen’s smiling mouth.

“I will?”

“Yeah, there’s no way I’m gonna spend so much time away from you again.” The statement is accompanied by a lot of eye-batting and coy looks.

“Sappy idiot.” But even if it’s sappy and girly, to hear those words has warmth and happiness spreading through Jensen’s chest. He reaches up and cradles his face, “But you are my sappy idiot.”

At this Jared just smiles as if he had won the lottery. All bright and all teeth, dimples carved into his cheeks.

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