FIC: Thawing Distance (9/10)

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Thawing Distance
By Simarillion

Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Universe: Alternative Universe
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, others
Warnings: slash, M/M
Word Count: 3,014 (28,952 total)
Summary: Tell it like it is. (Of settling and living)
Disclaimer: None of the herein presented happenings and events are true. Everything is 100% fiction and that includes the sexuality of the characters. I don’t claim to be in the know about their relations and private affairs, and I don’t make any money with the creation of this story.

Author’s Note: I changed the age of Jensen and Jared, they are the same age now. The plot wouldn’t really work otherwise.

This is part 6 of the Glaciology! ‘verse. Jensen is a scientist in the field of glaciology and he spends most of his time surrounded by ice, whereas Jared is a Hollywood movie star. Prequel to this story are Invisible Glaciers, Iceberg Anatomy, Avalanches Approaching, Crevasse Rescue, and Shelf Ice Meander.

Author's Note 2: The second to last chapter of this arc. Only one more part to the verse and we are done! ;)


Part Nine

The weeks until the Thanksgiving dinner pass by without any greater happenings. At first Jared stays with Jensen, spending his days at the house, reading through scripts and giving telephone interviews. With him staying for so long with Jensen, it happens of course that Tom and Mike show up to check on them, most probably sent by all of Jensen’s friends to make sure that he’s alright.

In the beginning they are still a little prejudiced, trying to dislike Jared in principle, but even they can’t help but fall for the gravitational force that is one Jared Padalecki. Without much effort he wins the two guys over and soon they are admitting that Jared and Jensen are good for each other.

“You know, they were dead set on disliking you.” The knowing smirk he gets has Jensen laugh out loud. Leave it to Jared to feign ignorance but in truth being well aware of what is going on. “Seems like you’re overdue for that Academy Award.”

“Your words in the Academy’s ear.” Jared carries the glasses to the kitchen and puts them into the sink. “You think Chris and Steve are ever going to be able to tolerate me at least?”

“With another repeat of today’s number I’m sure even Chris will be joining the Padalecki fan club.” Setting aside the plate with the left over pretzels, Jensen steps up to him and wraps his arms around Jared. “How about we go upstairs and I show you how Big a fan I am.”

The bad innuendo has Jared usher him laughingly to the stairs and up to the upper floor. It’s been like this the last couple of weeks. All the laughter and joking around is a welcome change from all the drama before and it shows that they can be together without hurt each other.

The weekend before Thanksgiving Jensen packs a huge bag and they load the dogs into the respective trucks. The initial idea of driving together had been dismissed because of the lack of space where the dogs are concerned and the additional car to drive family around.

Jensen had already arranged for time off in that week because of the preparations for the family visit and now that he’s going to LA, he finds himself with more than enough time to hang out and get some more sight-seeing and shopping done. Christmas is getting closer with everyday and the number of people who are on his Christmas shopping list is increasing.

So far there is his family (Which are easily twenty people since this includes aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews as well), his friends (another nine to ten people) and with Jared and his family (another five to six presents) there are still Chad and Zac (who has become a friend ever since his visit). Just thinking about the amount of presents he needs to buy has him break out in sweat.

With this in mind, Jensen drives south, a little nervous about the family meeting and at the same time eager to meet Jack and Linda again. The head of Jared’s security and his housekeeper have become like family. Linda calls him now and again, chatting about what is going on in their lifes and exchanging the latest gossip.

It takes them eight and a half hours a break included. When they turn into Jared’s street the sun is already low on the sky. The temperature is much warmer here than in San Francisco and Jensen cranks his window open, letting the balmy evening air inside.

The lights are on in the front of the house and as they park the cars, the front door opens, the light inside illuminating the slim figure of Linda. All of a sudden Harley and Sadie start barking in Jared’s car, causing Dean to join in.

“Calm down.” But nothing Jensen says manages to get the dog settled again. So he does the only thing he can do, he opens the trunk and lets the husky out. Dean jumps out and bounds over to the open front door, almost bowling Jensen over. Jared doesn’t fare any better.

While the dogs dance around Linda, barking and yipping at her all exited, Jensen heaves his heavy bag out of the trunk. He locks the truck up and follows Jared in a sedate pace to the house and their welcome committee which has gained another member.

“What did you do to the dogs?” Jacks rumbling laughter has Linda chuckle with him.

“Tortured and starved them.” The way the three chuckleheads are acting one might actually be inclined to believe Jared’s statement. Dean winds himself around Jacks feet and Sadie and Harley whine pitifully, using their puppy dog eyes shamelessly on Linda. “The three of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Behaving like you do. Pitiful.”

Jared’s reprimand only causes more whining. This is a fight that the humans just can’t win.

Once the dogs have ensured their due adoration and petting from Linda and Jack, they are back to their usual selves and throughout the week they are rarely found inside, always running around and playing in the park that Jared calls his garden.

While the infernal trio spent the time goofing around, the humans were much more busy. Jensen and Jared helped Linda with preparing everything for the many visitors and Jack spent all of his time checking and double checking the house and the premises to make sure that everything is secure and none of his charges could be endangered.

On Wednesday Jared and Jensen together with Jack head out in three cars, two of the three more nervous than they are willing to admit about the upcoming meeting with the families flying in from Texas. Jack grins amused at the pale faces and the forced cheerfulness.

“I thought you said that there’s nothing to worry about.” Jensen’s weak taunt is answered by a smile that is wobbly at best.

“Well, that was before they spent a couple of hours together on a plane talking about us.” When Jack’s botched up attempt of hiding his laughter has them grimace, Jensen decides that it’s stupid to get cold feet now. There had been numerous phone calls to each family member and everyone had been more than excited about spending the holiday together.

“Time to buckle up.” And with that Jensen strides into the airport and heads for the arrivals. He’ll get to see his parents, and Mack and Josh with Sara and the little bits. Additionally Jared’s mom and his dad, as well as his sister Megan and Jeff are visiting and according to Sherri they really want to get to know him. Things will be great.

He can hear the hurried pace of Jared trying to catch up and the more sedate pace of Jack trailing behind them. At the barrier to the baggage claim and the exit of the arrivals, he leans against the metal railing. Shoving his sunglasses on top of his head he carefully watches the people standing around and waiting for their bags.

Jared sidles up next to him, one arm sneaking around his middle. The warmth seeping through his shirt and skin has Jensen relax even more and he glances from the corner of his eye over at Jared, smiling encouragingly. The truth is he would prefer to kiss Jared, but out here in public he prefers to be more cautious about what he’s doing. Even if Jared is outed to the whole world, Jensen still thinks that pictures of any intimacy are not something he wants to share with public.

It doesn’t take long until the sliding doors open and a big group of people come through, laughing and chatting, creating quite a racket.

“Dude they are louder than a bunch of kids.” Jensen can only agree with Jared on that. His mum is laughing loudly, her eyes crinkling, as she walks side by side with what has to be Jared’s mum. The two of them are followed by the dads who are together with Jeff and Josh carrying the luggage for all of them. Sara is carrying Emily and walks right behind the mums. At the end of the group Megan and Mackenzie are chatting and gesturing, ignoring everything and everyone around them.

“Well, I guess any anxiousness was in vain.” Jared squeezes him lightly and then lets go, making for the motley crew that is their families.

“Jared!” Mrs Padalecki excitedly leads her new-found best friend to her son, smiling happily at him. It’s easy to see where Jared gets his smiles from. The only thing that’s missing are the trademark dimples. “Me and Donna went to the same school. What a coincidence.”

Jensen gets distracted from the conversation when Sara sidles up to him and hands Emily over. “Uncle Jensen, it’s your duty as a godfather to carry her around from now on.”

He ignores the joking in favour for some cuddling with is god daughter. Emily wraps her arms around his neck and presses her face against shoulder. Her fingers are sticky and damp but Jensen doesn’t mind. The little girl smells of sugar and of Sara’s perfume.

“Did you miss me, princess?” The blond curls bob as she nods and her little face turns towards him smiling up at Jensen. There’s some smudge on one of his cheeks that looks like chocolate and judging from the stain on her plush cat she’s holding, he might be write about his suspicion. “Come on, let’s go to the car.”

“Dean!” Her delighted squeal has Jensen wince and thinking about the other two dogs waiting at the house, he wonders how they are ever going to get her home again. At least there are no cats. Emily is totally in love with Jensen’s feline neighbours and he has to send photo updates on them every couple of weeks.

“Yeah, Dean is waiting for us at the house.” His comment is answered with excited clapping and a bright smile.

There is a short discussion about who is riding in which car and then Jensen’s and Jared’s mum together with Sara and Emily are climbing into Jensen’s truck, while the dads and Josh are making for the car Jack is driving. Jared gets the dubious honour of playing cab for Mach, Megan and Jeff. Thinking about it, Jensen is not sure what is worse, being stuck in a car with both mums or being teased by the younger sisters.

On the drive from the airport back to Jared’s the volume of the chatting is more than a little distracting. While Emily is sitting calmly on her mum’s lap, watching the other car pass by and clapping happily every time she sees a palm tree, His mum and Jared’s are talking about their high school time, what to make for Thanksgiving and meeting up for Christmas.

Hearing the plans for the next holidays, Jensen wonders why he had ever worried about this reunion at all. Apparently they had been one big family already, they just hadn’t known about it. The way the two mums keep laughing and chattering one would assume that they had known each other their whole life.

When they turn into Jared’s street he can’t wait to get out of the car though. All the noise is starting to give him a headache.

The guard at he gate watches them through dark sunglasses and Jensen can’t help but grin at the expression on Sara’s face. Yes, it definitely takes some getting used to. The security, the big mansion, reporters (which they were able to forgo this time) and a real life Hollywood star take some getting used to.

“Impressive, huh.” He picks up Emily who raises her arms, demanding he carry her again. “But don’t let he big ass house and the fancy bodyguards fool you. Jared is just like everyone else.”

As if to prove him right a high pitched squeal has them turn towards the racket and they find Jared with Megan slung over his shoulder, and Mackenzie holding her sides as she laughingly watches them.

“Let me down you big ape!” Jared just whoops and bouncingly carries her to the house where the dogs are dashing out of the front door, barking excitedly. Dean veers to the right when he sees Jensen’s dad and Josh, his tail wagging so hard his hind legs almost skid from side to side.

Sadie and Harley are dancing around Jared and his sister, yipping and barking. The display has everyone break out laughing and Jared has to let go of Megan to let her down because his hold on her was slipping.

While the guests and the hosts have been having fun, Jack and Walt (one of the security guys) have been carrying the luggage from the cars to the house. Once everything is inside they head for the gate, Walt updating their boss on the happenings of the last hour.

“Dean!” Emily is kicking her feet and bangs them into Jensen’s stomach. With a pained groan he lets the little girl down. Emily makes grabby hands as runs over to the husky. Dean quickly abandons everyone to bound over to the little girl and twist around her, yipping and whining with happiness.

“Are you alright.” Sara carefully touches his elbow, looking at him with worry. “I’m sorry Emily kicked you like that.”

“Don’t worry I’m fine.” To reassure his sister-in-law, he smiles at her but he knows that it looks rather strained.

Sara frowns but lets go of him. She knows that he’s not injured or anything but still a kick like that into the stomach is really painful. Keeping her hand on his elbow they follow the others into the house. Emily and Dean are already inside and Jared is waiting at the door for everyone to get in.

As they reach him, Jared grabs him and pulls him close. He doesn’t kiss him, because in front of their parents and siblings that would be kind of weird, at least at the moment. Maybe once they have settled somewhat and they know each other better it will not feel so awkward, like they are two teenagers necking front of their parents.

“We got them here and everyone is in once piece.” He can hear the relief in the voice and knows that Jared feels just like him.

“Not for the lack of you trying.” With a teasing smirk Jensen ushers him inside and leads him to the group of family members. “Maybe you should tell them where everyone’s supposed to stay.”

Linda peeks out of the kitchen and smiles content at the display in front of her. It stands to reason that she would enjoy a house full of people. She had had to promise to let the mum’s help with the cooking but the housekeeper’s family is going to join them for dinner. As will Jack’s lady friend.

“Okay everyone, attention please!” The announcement gets almost drowned by the dogs and Emily and the talking. “Hey! Very Important Person speaking!”

That has Jeff, Josh, Meg and Mackenzie snorting and Jared’s mum raise her eyebrow but at least everyone stops making a racket. Even the dogs have stopped the goofing around and look at Jared expectantly.

Jensen hides his snicker behind his hand and does his best to portray the same sternness that Jared is showing. Going by the amused looks he’s getting from everyone he’s not all that successful. Megan and Mackenzie even have the gall to openly grin at him, wiggling heir eyebrows.

“Okay, the rooming list reads as follows.” And with that Linda, Jensen and Jared direct everyone to their rooms to get the suitcases stowed away and give everyone the chance to take a shower, change clothes and get settled before the bar-b-q in the evening.

When Jensen shows Jared’s parents to their room, which is right next to the one of his parents, Mrs Padalecki lets her husband carry the luggage inside the room while she stays behind with Jensen in the corridor.

“You know, I have been wanting to thank you for a very long time.” There are many things that Jensen expected to hear from Jared’s mum, in varying degrees of like and dislike, but a thank you never been on the list of possible reactions.

Baffled he blinks at her. “Um.”

It’s by far not the best reaction and answer but at the moment he doesn’t know what else to say. He can hardly answer with a ‘You’re welcome’.

Jared’s mum smiles at him and takes a step closer. Without hesitation she pulls him towards her and gives him a tight hug. Up close Jensen notices that she smells like sun and there are faint traces of the perfume she’s wearing. It’s different but still very close to what his mum is smelling like. The best way to describe it is to say that she smells of home and love. Like a mum should.

“Mum!” The sudden cry has Jensen tense but Mrs Padalecki just squeezes him tight a last time before stepping away. Almost immediately after Jared’s mum has let go of him Jared wraps his arms around him and he tugs Jensen back against his chest. “Stop that. You’ll make him like you more than me.”

“Like anyone would prefer you to us to begin with.” Megan’s saucy reply has Jared tug Jensen away and down to corridor towards the front of the house.

“Let’s go and help Linda. I don’t like the way my family is trying to get them all for themselves.” Jensen turns his head to be able and look at Megan and Mrs Padalecki. He grins at them and shrugs his shoulders, signalling his innocence. “Don’t encourage them!”

Megan bats her eyes at him and Jared’s mum just laughs amused. So far things are going great. Both families are more than comfortable with each other and Jared’s mum and sister seem to like him. Jensen feels like flying, high from the elation and the giddiness that wells up in him.

continue: Part Ten

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