FIC: "An Tus Don Stoirm" (3/10)

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Author: Simarillion
Archive: Daunting Byron
Pairing: Colin/Orli, Sean B/Viggo, Marton/Craig
Rating: R/Nc-17 (will turn out as the story progresses)
Warning: This story is RPS which means Real Person Slash. It has Homo-erotic content (m/m) and everybody not comfortable with this topic should not read any further.
Summary: The Farrell's, an Irish family living in the States move to Santa Monica. where the father has a new job. There Colin meets a beautiful stranger who becomes his only ray of light.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. They are all their own persons and I don't claim to know anything of their sexual preferences or habits. Also I want to make clear that all of this is invented and not used to make profit.

Notes: This story is an AU and therefore the age and also the professions of the characters have been changed to accommodate the plot. The idea of this story came up when I thought about what to write with an Colin/Orli pairing. Rotschopf asked me on the Archives Tag board when there would be something to read from me. Well, here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in Real World but somehow I thought about this story. I hope that AUs are allowed in this group.

The next day Colin stayed in the house except when he accompanied his father to the mall. Somehow he didn't feel like exploring the neighbourhood. Knowing, that a certain someone lived only a block away didn't really encourage him to go out.

It was hot and Colin cursed himself to be too chicken to just go down to the beach and don't give a damn about what the super surfers thought but he knew deep down inside that he cared quite a lot what the other thought about him. Otherwise he wouldn't still mourn the bad kick off they had had.

Dozing on the bed in his room, kitty sleeping on his bare tummy, Colin thought about what to do once school started again. Chances were that he would be in the same school as him if not even in the same class. Colin wouldn't be able to ignore the other that easily then. Boadicea, he had chosen to call the small fluffy animal after the Celtic Queen who had led her people to a war against the conquering Romans, yawned and stretched her small claws digging into Colin's stomach. She meowed and traipsed up to his face rubbing her head against Colin's jaw.

"Alright, alright." Colin sat her down on the bed and got up. Picking the small kitten up he carried her downstairs into the kitchen where he put her down, opening the fridge and taking out the milk carton. Seeing that her 'slave' was obedient but unfortunately not fast enough, Boadicea started meowing impatiently. "Geez, let me get a bowl first. Can't let you drink from the carton now, can I." He took one of the newly purchased kitty bowls and poured some of the white liquid into it. "There you are, luv."

The cat thirstily slurped the milk as Colin sat down on the counter watching her amused. He was glad he had the little fur ball or else he would have been completely alone. Smiling he looked up and watched Catherine struggle with her air mattress. "Need help?"

She glared at him and kept on struggling on her own.

Colin sighed and slid down from the counter. "Well, if you don't want me to help." He left the kitchen climbing up the stairs to his room. He didn't need another person screaming at him. Thank you very much. Defeated he plopped down back onto the bed and closed his eyes again. Hearing soft steps and feeling a soft and warm fur rubbing against his tummy he cracked one of his eyes open and saw Boadicea snuggling close to him, curling up and purring content.

Once again smiling Colin closed his eye and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning her mother watched him closely during breakfast. Noticing that Colin barely ate anything she started to worry. "Are you okay, Colin?" She reached over the breakfast table and patted his hand comfortingly.

"Mum!" Embarrassed Colin put his hand in his lap and continued pushing his breakfast around on his plate. "I am fine." He forced himself to take a bite of the toast and chewed it unenthusiastically. The bread in his mouth tasted like gravel to him and was almost impossible for him to swallow the small bite he had taken.

Concerned her mother watched her son and after a couple of minutes she sighed. "I know that something is not right. You wouldn't be so glum if everything was alright." Rita poured herself another cup of tea and stared at Colin measuringly while adding two spoons of sugar to the dark concoction in her tea cup. "You know, Shaun called me yesterday in the evening. He said Craig was being very depressive. He can't cope with you having left at all. Maybe you should ask them to come here already."

Colin looked up from the chaos on his plate and stared at his mother open-mouthed. "Would that be okay?" He couldn't believe his ears.

"I don't see why they couldn't. You have more than enough space in your room. We'll just put two more mattresses in there and they should be okay."

Colin jumped up from his chair and hugged Rita over the table not caring if he threw over or spilling anything. "I love you, mum! Can I call them?" Excited he waited for the answer he already knew.

"Sure. Go ahead and see to it that you get a little bit more cheerful once they have arrived. Nobody likes to visit mopey people." Rita smiled happily when she saw the light in Colin's eyes to shine again.

Dashing into the hall Colin picked up the phone and dialled Shaun's number. He had to wait for a short while before Shaun picked up and answered the phone. "Shaun Bean."

"Good morning, Mister Bean. We are terribly sorry to have to call you at such and early hour but we from Farrell Federation for Irish Interests have heard that you are asking for a trial membership of our special offer for Non-Irish. We would like to ask you the type of the membership you are considering."

"Colin? What the fuck are you talking about? Shaun sounded rather sleepy and now confused too.

Colin laughed at his friend's voice. "How are you doing, Shaun?"

"Terribly. Some weirdo is calling me at seven thirty in the morning which would be exactly two and a half hours after I went to bed and asks me stupid questions."

"Oh, my. How rude some people are." Colin sat down on the chair next to the phone and grinned amused. "Better tell him to never call again."

"I might just do that." There was the sound of squeaking and then footsteps. "So, why do you call me that early in the morning?"

"Me mum told me about your phone call yesterday and she suggested I invite the two of you earlier. She said it would be okay if you came here today or tomorrow." Eamon passed Colin by and headed upstairs to the bath.

There was silence on the other end and Colin was afraid that Shaun had either fallen asleep or had put the receiver down. Suddenly there was the response he had been waiting for:" Today? Is there a train or a bus down to Santa Monica we could take?"

Feeling nervous energy fill him Colin jumped up from the chair and called out for his mum.

"Ow! The next time please hold the phone away from your mouth if feel the urge to shout. I don't want to become deaf you know."

"Sorry." Colin waved Rita over and waited for her to come into the hall. The prospect of seeing Shaun and Craig that soon made him giddy and he hoped that they would be able to come here today, When she stood in front of him he lowered the receiver. "Mum, d'you know if there is any bus or train that goes from Greenleaf to Santa Monica today?" He batted his eyelashes pleadingly at his mother and made the most endearing puppy dog eyes he was able to.

Chuckling and ruffling Colin's hair she thought about it. "Hmm, I am not sure about Santa Monica but there definitely are buses and trains to L.A. and from there they should be able to take a bus here. I think there goes a train at 10 a.m. They should arrive at about five o'clock in the afternoon in L.A. and at about six in Santa Monica if they are able to catch the next bus here."

Raising the receiver back to his ear he was about to pass the information on to his friend when Shaun told him:" I heard what your mum said Colin and 10 a.m. should be okay. I better hurry up and call Craig so the both of us are on this train to L.A."

"Okay! Call me once you are on the train. I need to know when the two of you'll arrive so I can pick you up from the bus station." Colin beamed at his mother happily. He felt alive and excited.

"Will do that. See you!"

"Bye!" Colin listened to Shaun hanging up the phone and put down the receiver in a trance. Turning fully to Rita he sighed. "I really can't wait for them to come." He stepped up to his mother and hugged her heartily. Leaning in he whispered in her ear:" Thank you, mum. I know Shaun didn't call yesterday, so thank you."

She stroked her son's cheek and kissed his brow. "Anytime love." Hugging Colin back she smiled relieved. Her son was finally returning to normal again.

Letting go of Rita Colin ran up the stairs to find his father and bug him into buying the two extra mattresses they needed now with him. He found Eamon in the bedroom getting dressed, green T-shirt in hand. "Da' could we go and buy the mattresses for Shaun and Craig in the noon?" He frowned at the T-shirt in Eamon's hands. "Duh, is that a colour at all?"

Looking from the shirt to his son's face and back Colin's father sighed and started looking for a different shirt to wear. "Sure, but I have to drive to the furniture store and buy a desk for Catherine's room and a vitrine for the living room." He picked out a ghastly pink T-shirt and put it on.

Biting his tongue to keep himself from commenting the new choice Colin nodded. "Okay, I will get dressed then." He left his parent's bedroom and walked to his own. Digging through the new wardrobe he had got two days before Colin decided on olive green cargo trousers and a beige shirt. Donning his sneakers he headed for the bathroom and brushed his unruly mop of hair.

"Ready to go?" Eamon's voice hollered upstairs and accepting that there was absolutely nothing he could do against his trademark tousled hair Colin went downstairs and followed his father to the car. Getting into it he saw a blue convertible drive by in it sat the guy from the beach and another guy who looked to be about the age of Shaun. They drove down 2nd Street and turned left at the Santa Monica Blvd heading uptown.

His father started the engine and Colin fastened his belt feeling a little bit squeezy in his stomach, he hoped that he wouldn’t meet HIM during their little shopping trip. Most likely they would go surfing and not spend a hot and sunny day like this in stuffy and even hotter malls and stores.

The furniture was at Arizona Avenue corner Lincoln Blvd. Inside the store the air was stuffy and it had almost tropical quality. Wandering through the rows of tables, desks, chairs, cupboards and shelves Colin thought about what to do once his friends were here, They definitely had to see L.A. at least once. It was the beach that got him worried. What would happen if he went down to it with his friends. Would the surfer gang be harassing him and his friends? Better to worry about it when the time came. Of course his friends would want to see the pier and the Promenade. Colin suddenly realized that thanks to his friends he would finally see all of Santa Monica.

“Colin!” His father roused Colin from his thoughts and Colin sauntered off in the direction he thought he had heard his father’s voice. Still planning the next weeks he didn’t pay attention to where he was going and turning a corner collided with another person.

“Sorry mate!” Looking up Colin looked into stormy grey eyes that sparkled with amusement. A knot formed in Colin’s throat as he identified the stranger as the driver of the blue convertible. “I am sorry” Nervously Colin tried to step around the driver only to be blocked from the guy. He smirked at Colin.

“Nothing to be sorry for.” The stranger studied him intently and raised an eyebrow. “New in town?”


Colin got nervous now. Impatient father and annoying stranger. What next? Would the beach beauty show and accuse him of making a pass at his boyfriend? Attacking his friend? Deciding to try not to lose his nerves Colin forced himself to smile. “Yeah, seems like it, huh? Could you let me pass?”

“No?” The stormy grey eyes glittered amused and the guy’s lips twitched in a smile. He obviously tried hard not to laugh.

Great. At least somebody was enjoying himself. Colin was about to give a haughty reply when his father appeared behind the driver.

“What the hell are you doing, Colin? We are finished here, let’s go and get those mattresses.” Eamon turned on his heels and left not even looking if his son was following him. Disappearing around a corner Colin was once again alone with the confusing guy who smirked smugly at him.

“So Colin it is then.” The grey eyes sparkled with mirth. “Welcome to Santa Monica, Colin.”

“Uh, thank you.” Stepping back Colin turned and stormed off to the front of the store where Eamon was already impatiently waiting for him. Somehow confused about the strange encounter he followed his father outside to the car off to buy the much needed mattresses.


It was getting dark but the air was still warm. Colin stood in front of the bus schedule and studied the arrival times. Glancing impatiently at his watch he realised that only half a minute had passed since the last time Colin had checked. It seemed like time was slowing down only to annoy him.

The sound of laughter and talking was carried up to Colin and he searched for the source of it. A small group of about four people strolled the sidewalk up to where Colin stood. Stepping into the light of a street lamp he recognised the beach beauty, his driver, one of the surfer chicks and another guy he had never seen before. Sudden fear crept up in him and Colin desperately scanned his surrounding for a hideout. He stepped out of the light trying his best to blend with the darkness as stormy grey eyes alighted on him and footsteps were directed to him. Colin felt panic rise and wished he could just disappear, cold sweat breaking out on his body.

Watching Colin’s every movement, the stormy eyes glittered amused at him. “Colin, right?” The guy held out his hand to him and smiled encouragingly. “Viggo is my name. We never had the time to properly introduce ourselves.”

Colin eyed the offered hand warily but took it anyway. “Yes, Colin it is.” He only succeeded in twitching his lips. “Nice seeing you again, Viggo.” He hoped the others would leave and go to where ever they had been heading before.

The angular beauty frowned at him seemingly trying to figure out where he had seen Colin’s face before. Not being able to place Colin he decided to get acquainted. “Orlando and this is Liv, my twin sister. Viggo would be our older brother.”

Colin shook hands the beauty –no Orlando, he had a name now –and with Liv who stared sheepishly at him.

“Aren’t you the guy from the beach?”

Upon hearing the girl’s question, Colin tensed and waited for the obvious to happen. No doubt the threats would come now. Nervously he saw recognition flicker in Orlando’s eyes. Just as he was about to try to defend himself Viggo stepped closer and introduced the stranger. “This is Marton, a friend of mine.”

“Nice meeting you, Colin.” He smiled weakly at the fourth member of the quartet.

Suddenly the bus pulled up and stopped. The door opened and a squealing person jumped out of the vehicle and at Colin, wrapping himself around him.

“Colin!” An over enthusiastic Craig clung to Colin almost squeezing him to death. “I missed you!”

Shaun appeared behind the madly grinning and crushingly hugging Kiwi and laughed about the display of love and happiness. “Oh my, I hope I am not interrupting anything.” The blonde put down his duffel bag and Craig’s suitcase he had been carrying and smiled happily at his two friends.

Colin stuck his tongue out at Shaun but couldn’t help but grin overjoyed at the two persons that meant the most in his life. He hugged Craig a last time before embracing Shaun and whispering in his ear:” I missed you.” He felt his friend nod and knew without words what it meant.

Craig turned from Colin and Shaun to the observing quartet and eyed them curiously. “Uh, Colin, are these friends of yours?”

Deciding to take matters in his own hands, Viggo stepped up to the happy trio and offered his hand in greeting. He smiled encouragingly at the smaller guy. “My name would be Viggo.” He noticed that the blonde newcomer walked over to them and eyed Viggo suspiciously. His body tensed, waiting to jump in and defend the frailer youngster. Viggo took the blonde’s appearance in and decided that he definitely liked what he saw. Broad shoulders and chest, lean body, a beautiful face and glowing golden hair. But most of all he was fascinated by the emerald green cat eyes that watched his every move. The smaller one’s hand taking Viggo’s offered one, brought Viggo back to reality.

“My name is Craig. Me and Shaun are Colin’s friends from Greenleaf.” Craig’s azure blue eyes shone with curiosity but also excitement. He shook Viggo’s hand and smiled at him and the other three strangers.

Shaun studied the four people in front of him and wondered who they were. Colin had told him that he hadn’t found any friends yet, so who were they? He felt eyes on him and found one of the taller two eye him closely. Stormy grey eyes stared at him. The stranger, he had introduced himself as Viggo, smiled friendly at Shaun and held his hand out to him. “Welcome to Santa Monica.”

Colin worriedly watched his two friends but he relaxed as he saw that Viggo & Co. were introducing themselves and Shaun was not tearing them to shreds to protect Craig. He picked the Shaun’s and Craig’s baggage up and approached the group.

“So you really are from New Zealand?” Liv asked curiously. Her cobalt eyes sparkled with interest.

“Mm hmm. I was born in Fidschi, a small island which belongs to New Zealand.”

The girl smiled delighted. “Well, then let me introduce you to our local Kiwi.” She grabbed Marton’s hand and pulled him to them. “That’s Marton. He also is from New Zealand.” Happily she watched the pair of them.

Marton took a closer look at the frail figure of Craig and felt some kind of protective instinct rise inside of him. The bright azure eyes looked shyly at him and the soft cheeks blushed lightly. Craig looked down, shuffling nervously. Marton felt the desire to scoop the youngster up and protect him from the rest of the world rise up. He flicked his tongue, moistened his lips and forced himself to speak:” Hi, um Craig? I hope you like Santa Monica.” This made Craig even blush harder and he looked up into Marton’s toffee brown eyes.

“I like what I’ve seen so far.” Craig felt like just the biggest idiot ever. There stood the most gorgeous guy he had ever seen and all he said was something stupid like that. He could kick himself.

Marton’s heart beat faster as he heard Craig’s reply and he held out a hand, hoping the other would take the offer.

Cautiously Craig shook hands with Marton feeling the other Kiwi’s strength in his strong grip. He felt stupid and cursed himself for having such sweaty hands. “Thank you, Marton.”

The two were called back to reality by Viggo who refused to let his blonde prey escape that easily. “Why don’t we take the three of you with us? My car is just around the corner.”

Colin had watched the four of them and felt laughing his head off. He saw Craig’s blush and Shaun’s looks and decided that his friends visit was already very interesting. “That would be very nice but is there enough room for all of us plus the baggage?”

“I have got a car too,” Marton answered.

“Okay, maybe Colin and Craig should drive with Mart and Shaun can drive with us, “ Viggo suggested eagerly. He watched the green eyes and felt his blood heating up.

“Craig? Are you okay with that??” Colin didn’t want his friend to feel uncomfortable but when the Kiwi nodded and blushing glanced at Marton he laughed and picked up his friend’s luggage. “Lead the way then.”

They walked the street up to a small parking lot. Only three other cars parked there beside Viggo’s convertible and Marton’s jeep. Colin heaved the duffel bag and the suitcase into the jeep and climbed into the car. The others got into their cars and Marton pulled out of the lot Viggo following behind him.

Colin directed Marton to his house but at the same time watched the nervous Craig talking with the older Kiwi. The constant blushing and the fidgeting assured Colin that his friend was interested in their driver.

Smiling happily he thought about Orlando. The other’s beauty was beyond words. He had radiated pure sensuality and his smooth tanned skin had glowed golden with a light olive touch. Colin sighed longingly as he thought about burying his fingers in Orlando’s silky locks. Unfortunately he was not the least bit interested in Colin. More even, he hated him.

With these depressing thoughts on his mind they arrived in front of the white Farrell residence in 2nd Street. After unloading the three friends said their goodbyes from the four Santa Monicans not without promising to come down to the beach the next day.


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