FIC: "An Tus Don Stoirm" (9/10)

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simarillion: (Love)
Author: Simarillion
Archive: Daunting Byron
Pairing: Orli/Colin, Viggo/Shaun, Marton/Craig
Rating: G
Warning: This story is RPS which means Real Person Slash. It has Homo-erotic content (m/m) and everybody not comfortable with this topic should not read any further.
Summary: The Farrell's, an Irish family living in the States move to Santa Monica. where the father has a new job. There Colin meets a beautiful stranger.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. They are all their own persons and I don't claim to know anything of their sexual preferences or habits. Also I want to make clear that all of this is invented and not used to make profit.

Notes: This story is an AU and therefore the age and also the professions of the characters have been changed to accommodate the plot. The idea of this story came up when I thought about what to write with an Colin/Orli pairing. Rotschopf asked me on the Archives Tag board when there would be something to read from me. Well, here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in Real World but somehow I thought about this story. I hope that AUs are allowed in this group.


Viggo cracked his eyes open and glanced over at his little brother. Orli sat quietly on his towel and stared at miserably out at the water, but never even noticed the people in it, the waves, the sun and the heat, his friends or even his girlfriend. Orli had been in this state ever since the day at the ranch. When he and Colin had rejoined Viggo, Marton, Shaun and Craig, he had been inattentive and unconcentrated, most of the time not reacting when being addressed. This unusual behaviour had lasted for the last three days now and Viggo started to really get worries about his little brother.

The sun had been beating down on them for two hours and even though everybody had compensated the heat with lots of ice-tea and mineral water, Orli hadn’t moved the whole time. If he would keep this up any longer, he would collapse. Viggo decided that he had to do something about this broody and unresponsive Orli. Pushing himself up from his elbows, he sat up and turned to the still form next to him. Cautiously he reached out to his brother and softly stroked over the other’s arm. “Orli?” Viggo asked softly.

At first there was no reaction, as if his brother hadn’t heard him but then the mop of dark curls slowly turned and vacant eyes were directed at Viggo, scaring him even more. Orli shook his head, clearing it, and forced himself to respond to Viggo. “Hmm?”

Wary was etched into his face and Viggo hoped that his little brother would tell him what was on his mind. “Orli, what’s the matter? Ever since Edoras you’ve been so distant and broody.” The memory of this day was painful for Viggo for it always reminded him of Shaun’s absence. He missed the Blonde so much. They had promised to visit each other and write, call, stay in contact, but it was not enough. The time they had spent together had been too short. Shaun was everything Viggo had hoped for in a lover. He was loyal, attentive, temperamental –very temperamental– and he was very attractive. Viggo couldn’t think of anybody as beautiful as his Blonde from Greenleaf.

“Nothing’s the matter.” Orlando smiled weakly at his brother, the smile never reaching his eyes, only curling the corner of his mouth upwards lightly. “I am fine.”

Viggo refocused on the here and now, noticing that nothing was fine. Nothing at all. He was afraid that Orli might close up and refuse to talk if he pressed the matter but he had to ask, had to show that he cared. “I don’t believe you, little brother.” Viggo’s hand traced down the golden tanned arm and grabbed one of the hands, holding it tightly. “Please, tell me the truth.”

Orli heaved a heavy sigh. “I feel a little dizzy.”

“Of course you do. It’s hot like in hell and you didn’t drink one drop.” He got up from his towel and held out a helping hand to Orlando. “Let’s go to Udall’s and get something cool to drink, hmm?” Anxiously he waited for the answer.

Orlando shrugged but took the offered hand and let Viggo pull him up. His head felt so light and his vision blurred shortly as he swayed on his feet. He definitely had stayed for too long in the open sun. Maybe a visit to Udall’s was exactly what he needed. “Okay, let’s go.”

Relieved that Orli had complied so willingly, Viggo grabbed his purse and, slipped into his flip-flops and headed, together with his little brother, for the bistro.

They trotted over the burningly hot sand dunes, passed laughing and screaming children and left the beach behind. The promenade was of course packed with people in various states of undress, parading down the cemented catwalk. All the dressed up –or rather dressed-less– men and women, hoping to be discovered and become the next big star. Ignoring all the beauties and beaus all around them, the two brothers made for the little bistro they so loved, and left the promenade.

The small establishment was half empty, most of the people down at the beach at this time. Viggo and Orli took a seat at the window and settled down at the table, enjoying the silence and peace inside the bistro after the bustle and hectic outside. Helen smiled at them as she took their order and went off to get their drinks.

Viggo had watched his brother closely the whole time and he had made the decision that he would make Orli tell him what was weighing on his mind. It couldn’t continue like that, with Orlando retreating further and further into himself. “So, what is going on?”

He had known that this question would be asked eventually and if he was honest with himself, he had been surprised that Viggo had let him get away with it for such a long time before starting to ask. Normally he cornered Orli as soon as he smelled anything remotely fishy. As uncomfortable as he felt about the whole situation, he hoped that maybe his bigger brother would be able to help. After all, Viggo had always been able to make things right in the past. Orlando frowned unsure but forced himself to start talking: “Vig, how did you know that you are gay?”

Viggo was surprised, to say the least. He had expected a lot but this he had not. “Uh, Orli?”

“I mean, you must have known somehow that you were not straight!”

“Orli, what is this all about?” Viggo didn’t know what to make of all of this. “Why ask this question?”

Orlando heaved a sigh and his eyes fell on the hands in his lap. “In Edoras, when Colin went after me, I asked him about why and where he was going. How long he’s gonna been gone.” More frowning and another sigh. “I asked him if it was my fault that he left, which it was of course. Somehow it hurt that he had given up on me so fast, surrendered so easily. I asked him is he didn’t want to give us a chance to become friends….”

“And? Orli?”

“He said that he was attracted to me.”

Viggo stared open-mouthed at his younger brother. After closing and opening his mouth like a fish, he composed himself enough to be able to ask: “Attracted to you!?”

Orli couldn’t repeat the words, so he nodded weakly instead. He felt an ache in his chest and his heart beat faster. Nervously his eyes wandered up to the face of his brother, to his eyes.

Viggo was again speechless. He hadn’t but he should have expected something of the like. In fact after the initial shock, the idea felt very right. He knew that his little brother was not drawn towards men, had always had girlfriends but it hadn’t made him happy. Not the slightest bit. Bitches like Kate were the reason why Orlando was hurt most of the time. They were only interested in going out with his little brother because of Orli’s good looks or to get into the group. Never were any real feelings involved from their side. “What did you answer him?”

Orlando’s eyes darkened and he cast them down on his hands again, fidgeting in his lap. “He asked if I could forgive him that.” The pause was necessary for him to compose himself enough to be able to continue. “I said I would, forgive him I mean. After that I didn’t speak to him again, avoided him at all.”

Viggo watched his little brother and felt his heart go out to him. The little one was devastated. It was true that Orli was the one who had screwed everything up but still Viggo couldn’t blame him for being afraid and insecure. Never before had another male told his younger brother with such honesty, that he desired him, maybe even loved him. Still, Orli would have to act. Soon. “I don’t want to blame him or you or anybody for anything that has happened but I really advise you to talk to him before he leaves. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

“I know Vig, I know.” And this he did, had always done. But knowing and doing are two completely different things. He was not sure what to do once he faced Colin, what to say. He had accompanied Viggo and Marton to the train station with every intent of talking to him, but then he had chickened out, ignoring –or rather pretending to ignore– Colin and watching the hurt boy leave. He swore, the moment he saw the defeat in the dark orbs, he felt his chest constrict and a stab in his heart. He had felt like a monster.

“Orli?” Concern tinged the voice.

“It’s just …. What am I supposed to say?” Orlando shook his head. “I can’t right this anymore. It’s too late. I should have done something earlier.”

This was not the Orlando Viggo loved as his little brother. This was all wrong. The defeated tenor, the eyes darkened with pain. Something had to be done. If Orli wouldn’t do it, Viggo would. He couldn’t watch his little one hurt. “It’s never too late to try. Please Orli, I can see how much pain this causes you. Go to him and talk to him. Give the both of you another chance.”

“But….” He stopped, not knowing what to say. He wanted to, honestly he did. He wanted to make things right, ask for forgiveness but what if he was refused, sent away? He couldn’t bear the thought of being turned away.

“Got to him Orli, please.” Seeing the insecurity in the brown eyes, he reached out to him and squeezed Orli’s hand encouragingly. “I know that you want to talk to him and I also know what I saw and what Shaun told me, that he’s not stupid. He will listen to you.”

Of course Colin would listen but would he understand? Even more important, would he be able to forgive? And all of a sudden the realisation that after tomorrow Colin would be gone, hit him full force and he gasped for air as panic seized him. “Uh.”


“Uh, I….” He jumped up from his chair and breathed heavily. Orlando raked his trembling hands through his hair and took calming deep breaths, fighting the cold fingers clawing his insides. “I have to go!” He had to. Now. His vision went black and he plopped back down on his chair. The long exposure to the sun, no water, the emotional turmoil of the last days and his excitement finally took their toll and he was close to passing out. He was barely able to mumble weakly: “Vig.”

Strong and comforting arms wrapped themselves around him and helped him to focus on reality. “Easy there. Calm down a bit, Orli.”

“No Viggo, I have to go. I have to talk to him now!” Orli couldn’t explain why but he knew that it was important to go at once. He wanted to go at once. Well, as soon as this dizziness had passed. “Please, Vig.”

The pleading tone and the strength of Orli’s grasp on his arm, reassured him that his little brother was well enough to go to Colin’s. Maybe he should accompany him though, in case he wasn’t feeling too well on his way there? “Okay, but I’ll come with you. I don’t want you to pass out somewhere on the way.”

“Thank you, Vig. But you won’t come with me to the door, okay? I want to talk to him alone.” Orlando let his bigger brother help him up and they waited for a couple of seconds before they left the bistro, paying on their way out. They decided to head straight for Colin’s without getting their clothes –shirts and shorts– from the beach.

By the time they had reached Colorado Blvd, Orli’s vision had returned to normal and he had started to rub his hands over his thighs, sighing constantly.

This was even for Viggo too much and after the twentieth sigh he stopped in his tracks. “What?”

“Nothing,” was the reply, closely followed by another sigh.

“Orli, what’s the matter now?”

He studied his fingernails and shuffled up the sidewalk. “It’s just that I don’t really know what to say. What if I say something wrong? What if he gets angry with me and decides never to talk to me again? What…..”


“What?!” Orlando stopped stunned and stared at Viggo wide-eyed. The anxiousness clearly reflected in his eyes.

Viggo stepped up to his little brother and reached out for him. He wrapped his arms around the smaller frame and rubbed his back soothingly. “Orli, what’s the matter? You don’t behave like yourself? What is going on, hmm? I don’t know this frightened and nervous side of you.” Slowly he took the other’s chin between his fingers and tilted Orli’s head slightly back to be able to lock his eyes with him. “You were always so brave and fierce. What happened to change this?”

That was the big question, wasn’t it? What had happened? Why was it all of a sudden so important what somebody else, what Colin, thought about him? What was so special about the other boy that his opinion and emotions should matter so much, that disappointing him felt like tearing his own heart out?

“I don’t know, Vig. I just don’t know and it makes matters only worse because if I actually knew why I behaved the way I do, I could avoid causing so much hurt to myself and others.” All the energy and the drive to talk to Colin immediately had left him and he felt all the insecurities and the fear well up in him once again. The whole situation was just so complicated.

Viggo saw all these emotions and thoughts flitting over his brother’s expressive face and a suspicion started to grow in him. Realising though that at this time it was much too early to approach this particular topic, he decided to keep a close watch but not to get involved too deeply. “Why don’t you just start with ‘Sorry’ and go from there? I know that you can do that, little one.”

“I can?” The voice was so small.

“Yes, you can.” He hugged his brother, wishing that there was more he could do for him.

Orlando absorbed as much strength as possible from Viggo’s embrace before he let go and stepped back. “You are right. I can do that and I will.” Taking a last calming breath he resumed walking up Colorado Blvd to 2nd Street where he turned left.

His older brother followed him closely but silently to Colin’s house. Viggo stayed at the sidewalk though when Orlando walked up to the front door, climbing the stairs up to the porch. His hand hesitated for a second before he rang the bell. Waiting for an answer, he glanced over to the drive way and noticed that the car was missing. Afraid that nobody was at home, he rang the bell again but this time he heard the answering sound of somebody pounding down the stairs.

The door was pulled open and a young woman –of about Viggo’s age– beamed at Orli. It had to be Catherine, Colin’s sister. Orlando had seen her sometime down at the beach together with Colin’s parents.

“Hi! Can I help you?” She flicked her braid over her shoulder and placed her hands on her hip, studying the stranger in front of the door.

“Um, I just wanted to ask if I could maybe talk to Colin.” The scrutiny with which the girl was looking at him made him even more nervous.

“To Colin?” An eyebrow rose and she frowned at Orlando. “But he isn’t here.”

“When does he come back?” These eyes looked too much like Colin’s to be comfortable to meet. Why was it that the members of this family had the ability to look at somebody so intensely? It was unsettling.

“Who are you?”

This question unbalanced Orlando even further and he was about to turn around and run but he forced himself to calm down and answer: “I am a friend of Colin’s. I wanted to talk to him and say goodbye before he leaves tomorrow.”

The flash of confusion was quickly replaced with pity. “I am sorry, he already left. In the morning.”

“But….” Devastation and despair crushing down on Orli.

“There were problems with enrolling at the school in Dublin and he had to fly there earlier to sort stuff out before school starts.” Colin’s sister smiled apologetically at Orlando. “I am sorry, you didn’t know. Do you want his address? To write letter?”

Orli was stunned into unresponsiveness, not registering what was going on around him. It was too late. He had waited for too long and now Colin had left. He hadn’t been able to apologise, not been able to make things right. It was too late now.

“Um, hey?”

The voice called him back into reality and helped him to refocus on the young woman. “What?”

“I asked if you wanted his address, so you can send him a letter.”

Address? Letter? Somehow his brain refused to work properly. Focus, Orlando, focus! “Letter?” Great! Now Colin’s sister will think you to be a stupid idiot. Start using your brain and concentrate. “I mean, of course, yea, please could you give me his address?” Orlando held his breath, waiting for her reply.

“Wait a sec, I’ll write it down for you.” She disappeared into the house, leaving a stunned Orli behind, who tried to regain his composure.

He just couldn’t believe that Colin was already gone. It just couldn’t be. Why? Orli had hoped to get another chance to make things right or at least to ask for forgiveness. Too late. He was too late. Why hadn’t he come here earlier? Why hadn’t he said something at the train station? Why had he started to ignore Colin in the first place? These questions were repeating themselves over and over again in his head, making him drift off.

“Here you are.”

The female voice again. But this time she –the owner of the voice– held something out to Orlando. A small piece of paper. Colin’s address. Slowly he reached out for it.

“He’s staying at his grandparent’s house there.”

He nodded. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome. I am sorry you missed him. ‘T was rather rude of him not to tell you, I have to say.”

Another nod and Orli slowly turned and trotted back to Viggo, moving like in a trance, not noticing the confused look Colin’s sister sent him.

He held tight to the address in his hand as his brother guided him away from the white house.


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