FIC: "An Tus Don Stoirm" (10/10)

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Author: Simarillion
Archive: Daunting Byron
Pairing: Orli/Colin, Viggo/Shaun, Marton/Craig
Rating: G
Warning: This story is RPS which means Real Person Slash. It has Homo-erotic content (m/m) and everybody not comfortable with this topic should not read any further.
Summary: The Farrell's, an Irish family living in the States move to Santa Monica. where the father has a new job. There Colin meets a beautiful stranger.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. They are all their own persons and I don't claim to know anything of their sexual preferences or habits. Also I want to make clear that all of this is invented and not used to make profit.

Notes: This story is an AU and therefore the age and also the professions of the characters have been changed to accommodate the plot. The idea of this story came up when I thought about what to write with an Colin/Orli pairing. Rotschopf asked me on the Archives Tag board when there would be something to read from me. Well, here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in Real World but somehow I thought about this story. I hope that AUs are allowed in this group.


The flight seemed to stretch to forever. Too much time to think and remember. Too much time to kill.

Colin looked out of the small window and watched the white and fluffy cloud carpet underneath them. It was amazing how soft a accumulation of water drops could look. Staring at them, he got sleepier and sleepier, the cloud fluff reminding him very much of a pillow. Unfortunately the seat he was sitting in was not the remotest bit soft and so he spent the time, turning and twisting around, desperately trying to get comfortable. It was of no use though.

Colin sighed annoyed and pressed his eyes closed, wishing he would just fall asleep. Because then for once time would pass faster and second he wouldn’t start thinking about things he wanted to forget. Sleep wouldn’t come and after the umpteenth turn, he opened his eyes again and glared at the back of the seat in front of him.

“Excuse me!” He signalled the flight attendant to come over to him. If he would be awake this whole flight, he might as well make the best of it.

The neatly dressed women, wearing the same colours as the seats in the plane, smiled warmly at Colin. “Yes? Can I be of any help?”

‘Yea, stop smiling like that!’ “I would like a bottle of coke, please.” Why was it that with some jobs, people had to smile as gut-wrenching sweet like that? It gave him the creeps. How different was Orli’s smile in comparison, the light in his eyes spreading over his face, the white teeth shining behind his soft lips,…..

Colin! Get a grip! He had to forget about Santa Monica. That was the reason why he had left for Ireland in the first place. Just remember how he treated you. But the only thing that popped up in his head was the garden swing and being embraced by Orlando, the heat of the other’s body seeping into his own and warming him better than anything else before.

His heart clenched and Colin blinked back the tears that started to gather in his eyes. He had to stop this. What was the use of remembering this one kind incident? There were far more incidents where Orlando had been anything but kind. He should think of those instead.

But however hard he tried to call the hatred, the taunts and the ignorance in his memory, he couldn’t. Again and again the embrace showed up and made Colin feel more and more miserable.

‘He’s a stupid fuck, for Christ’s sake!’ Of course he was but then again he was a drop dead gorgeous stupid fuck. A drop dead gorgeous stupid fuck why had asked for forgiveness that one morning. No matter how stupid and mean he had been before, he still had been sorry about his actions once he had found out the truth.

And after that? Yea, after that Colin had made the biggest and most stupid mistake ever. He had confessed his attraction. He shouldn’t have done that but at that particular time it had seemed like the right thing to do. Colin had wanted to be honest. He had wanted there to be no more misunderstandings. Stupid. Really Stupid. He should have kept his big mouth shut.

“Sir, here’s your coke.”

He was startled out of his thoughts and looked up at the flight attendant, who wasn’t smiling anymore but looked at him worried. The woman sitting in the seat next to Colin had the same worried expression on her face.


“Um, thank you.” He took the bottle from the flight attendant and saw that his hands were shaking. Reality caught up with him and he felt the tickle of tears running down his cheeks. Fuck! How could this have happened?

“Anything I can do for you, sir?” The concern in her voice was genuine.

“No, thank you. I am fine.” Right. Like anything had been fine these last weeks. Nothing had been. Nothing. That was why he was sitting in this place, on his way to Dublin and far away from Santa Monica. Away from everyone he knew.

And suddenly everything crashed down. He left not only the people behind that had hurt him but also the people he loved. He left his parents behind. And Catherine. As annoying as his sister could be at times, he still loved her. His family had always been very dear to his heart and very important and now he would have to do without them for a whole year, a year without his kind mother and the bad fashion taste of his father and the sometimes shallowness of Catherine.

Then there was of course the matter of Shaun and Craig. He missed them too. They were his friends after all and even though he had been angry with them because of their behaviour during their visit in Santa Monica, he had long forgiven them because after all the things he had gone through with them, he couldn’t stay angry with them for falling in love. He had done the same after all, only Shaun and Craig had been luckier than him. Their love had been returned.

Colin realised that in Dublin he would be all alone. He wouldn’t know anybody except his grandparents. In Santa Monica he had been able to ask Shaun and Craig to come and visit him but in Ireland he wouldn’t be able to. He was truly on his own.

“Are you sure, you are okay?” The flight attendant was still standing there and watching him, somehow reluctant to leave. Maybe she was afraid that Colin would lose it and attack somebody. One could never know.

“I am really fine, Miss. Thank you.” He forced himself to smile at the woman and was grateful that she turned and left. Colin didn’t want her to worry about him. This whole fucked up situation was his own fault after all.

Apparently the woman next to him had decided to follow the flight attendants example and she had continued reading the book she had been reading before. A glance at the cover and Colin realised that it was the newest Harry Potter. Why hadn’t he brought something to read with him? A heavy sigh and he got up, taking his backpack down from the compartment above them. Digging through it he found a wrapped up parcel in it and took it out. Turning it round and round he couldn’t find any name on it. Who had put this in his bag? He hadn’t noticed it before.

His hands were still shaking lightly and made it difficult to unwrap the parcel. But after a couple of minutes, spent fighting the stubborn paper, Colin had freed the present inside. It was a book. When Nietsche wept by Irvin D. Yalom. Opening it he found a small dedication inside.

I know that you have your reasons for leaving and I know that maybe some of them are Craig’s and mine behaviour. I am sorry about what happened and I wish I could turn back time to make right everything I did wrong. I do hope that you will be able to forgive me and that you will think of me should you need help. I am always there to listen to you.

Take care, Shaun

How? Colin felt his tears well up again and he sob softly. How had Shaun been able to smuggle the book into his bag? And most important of all, when had he done so? Leaving through the book he found a small piece of paper with Catherine’s handwriting on it.

Hey Colin,
Shaun left this with me to give to you for your flight. I hope you’ll have a great time in Dublin.

Hugs, Catherine

Well, that solved this mystery. Shaun had bought it for Colin when he had still been in Santa Monica. He had not forgotten about him. Of course he hadn’t because he had called Colin this one evening but this book proofed that he had thought about Colin while spending his time with Viggo. Colin felt a smile spreading his face and finally being able to settle down he leaved to the beginning of the book and started to read.

The Chimes of San Salvatore broke into Josef Breuer’s reverie. He tugged his heavy gold watch from his waistcoat pocket. Nine o’clock. Once again, he read the small silver-bordered card he had received the day before.

21. October 1882
Doctor Beuer,

I must see you on a matter of great urgency. The future of German philosophy hangs in the balance. Meet me at nine tomorrow at the Café Sorrento.

Lou Salomé

What an impertinent note! No one had addressed him so brashly in years. He knew of no Lou Salomé. No address on the envelope. No way to tell this person that nine o’clock was not convenient, that Frau Breuer would not be pleased to breakfast alone, that Dr. Breuer was on vacation, and that ‘matters of urgency’ had no interest for him—indeed, that Dr. Breuer had come to Venice precisely to get
away from matters of urgency.

-The End-

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