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FIC: "Shadows & Nightmares" (9/40)

  • May. 6th, 2010 at 4:49 PM
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Shadows & Nightmares
By Simarillion

Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Universe: Alternative Universe
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, others
Warnings: slash, M/M, violence, gore
Word Count:1,098 word (9,190 words total)
Summary: The hunt is on.
Disclaimer: None of the herein presented happenings and events are true. Everything is 100% fiction and that includes the sexuality of the characters. I don’t claim to be in the know about their relations and private affairs, and I don’t make any money with the creation of this story.
The title of the story was taken from the Shadows & Nightmares compilation by Two Steps From Hell.
Author’s Note: This storyline stems from my wish to write some kind of horror/thriller plot. Listening to Two Steps From Hell’s Horror and Thriller albums didn’t help any.


Jared closes the apartment door and locks it. Today had been a very exhausting day. Two deadlines had been looming over the company's head and everyone had been stressed, hurrying to make sure that everything was finished and double and triple checked. Around lunch time Alona had knocked on his office door, wearing an unhappy smile.

"Sorry to interrupt you Jared but there are some visitors for you." At his nod she had left to get the surprise visitors.

Jared had set his work aside, both confused and curious about who might visit him at work. His family called if they wanted to talk to him, or Josh and Megan just sent him a message. Friends and colleagues sent e-mails or if he was online skyped with him. So far only clients of their boss had visited him in the office. Carding his fingers through the hair and stroking his shirt straight, he turned to the office door.

He didn't have to wait for long. He heard them before he could actually see them and the sound of their voices had him feeling ill. With trepidation he saw Marie and Bill come in. Genevieve's mum and dad had sat down in the chairs at the table and Jared, after staring at them in shock, had gotten up, walked around his desk and sat down at the table with them.

"Hello Jared." Marie's voice had sounded tired and dead. Almost like she was a robot instead of a real human being. There had been bags under their eyes, dark purple bruises that gave witness to the horrible tragedy that had happened in their family. Seeing the woman who looked so much like their daughter, Jared's late girlfriend, it had sent a stab into his heart. This was what Genevieve might have looked like, hadn't she been killed by a pack of wolves.

"Hello Marie, Bill." Bill didn't even comment on the greeting. It didn't really come as a surprise to see hate and dislike in his eyes as he stared at Jared. But even though it was no surprise, it hurt still. Jared had always tried to be worthy of their little girl. In the end though he had not been able to safe her from the horrible death he had suffered. "What brings you here?"

While Bill glared harder at his face, Marie wrung her hands and fought with the words she apparently wanted to say. After another minute of silence she finally was able to answer Jared's question. "We were wondering if you would allow us to get Genevieve's things from the apartment. After the funeral we were kind of down but now we would really like to have her belongings."

At this Jared swallowed hard. He had not been invited to the funeral. If Tom hadn't told him about it he wouldn't even have known where she was buried. Since his presence hadn't been welcome at the funeral he had visited Genevieve's grave the day after. Hearing Marie talk about it like Jared had been in the know the whole time felt like a blow to the stomach. It had him take measured breaths to keep from reacting impulsively to the comment. "I don't want you to rummage through the apartment when I'm not there. You are welcome to get her clothes and her stuff but I want to be there when that happens."

True the conditions were harsh but he really was not in a giving mood right now. In the past it had been so important to him to treat the two of them with all the respect they deserved as Genevieve's parents but since her death they had treated Jared like the one responsible.

"How dare you treat us like criminals. As if we would steal anything." Bill shot up from his chair and it almost seemed like he would lunge over the glass table to attack Jared. "It's your fault that she's not alive anymore. And now you treat us like this."

Having expected to hear the accusation at some time had not cushioned the blow the words delivered at all. At first he had taken a deep breath and then anger had started to well up inside of him. There was the feeling of something trying to claw itself out of his body and Jared was shocked to realize that is was his wolf nature that rose to the challenge issued. "I dare alright. It was neither my idea to spend the weekend at the house and it was definitely not my idea to camp out in the woods. I was attacked like everyone else and once I had freed myself there was no way I would save anyone else. They were all dead by that time. I'm just lucky I was able to escape. Now, if you want to get her things you can do that, but only with me present. I won't allow you to go through our things and snoop around. It is my home and as such you are not going to do in there whatever you want to."

At his words Marie reached out to his arm but he just shook her hand off and got up as well, glaring at Bill with determination. "I would ask you to leave now. I have a lot of work to finish and I see no point in talking any longer about things that can't be changed and that I won't allow you to blame me for."

"I'll blame you all I want." This time though when Bill tried to continue his insults his wife stopped him with a hand on his stomach. Marie just nodded her agreement and without another glance back at Jared led her husband out of the office.

After the visit his day had not improved and now that he is home, the smell of food in the air, he finally relaxes somewhat. Dropping his keys into the bowl on the cupboard he toes his shoes off and heads for the kitchen, the source of the delicious scent. He finds Megan bopping her head in time with the rhythm of the music she's listening to, stirring tomato sauce for the spaghetti she's boiling in the big pot.

Jared sneaks closer, well aware that his sister can't hear him because of the ear buds. Once he's behind her he tickles her side, causing her to drop the spoon and squeak. "Jared!"

Laughing he moves away to get out of range. "Loud music is bad for you eardrums, pup."

Loud cursing follows him out of the kitchen.

=> 10.


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