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FIC: "Shadows & Nightmares" (10/40)

  • May. 7th, 2010 at 10:21 AM
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Shadows & Nightmares
By Simarillion

Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Universe: Alternative Universe
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, others
Warnings: slash, M/M, violence, gore
Word Count:213 word (9,403 words total)
Summary: The hunt is on.
Disclaimer: None of the herein presented happenings and events are true. Everything is 100% fiction and that includes the sexuality of the characters. I don’t claim to be in the know about their relations and private affairs, and I don’t make any money with the creation of this story.
The title of the story was taken from the Shadows & Nightmares compilation by Two Steps From Hell.
Author’s Note: This storyline stems from my wish to write some kind of horror/thriller plot. Listening to Two Steps From Hell’s Horror and Thriller albums didn’t help any.


Marie and Bill come on Sunday to pick up Genevieve's belongings. The few tokens Jared wants to keep, he's stashed in his office to keep them out of their sight. Him and Megan help with the boxing up, Megan talking non-stop about her week and some project he's doing in Science class, Jared not saying a word most of the day. When Genevieve's parents pack everything into their truck, he says a short goodbye and then just turns around and heads back up to his apartment.

Megan is waiting for him at the door, smiling encouragingly at him. "Hey, it was not as bad as you feared it might be. Everyone stayed civil."

At that he just nods tiredly and walks over to the couch. With a weary sigh he sits down. Thankfully they had been able to get everything into the car. He's not sure if he'd have made it through another afternoon of Bill and Marie.

"I'm really beat. How about some take out?" Another tired nod and he leans back, his head resting against the headrest of the couch, and closes his eyes. His whole body feels like it's been hit by a train. Every inch aches and he can't wait to get into bed and sleep the exhaustion away.

=> 11.


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