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FIC: "An Tus Don Stoirm" (5/10)

  • May. 7th, 2009 at 2:06 PM
simarillion: (Love)
Author: Simarillion
Archive: Daunting Byron
Pairing: Colin/Orli, Marton/Craig, Sean B/Viggo
Rating: G
Warning: This story is RPS which means Real Person Slash. It has Homo-erotic content (m/m) and everybody not comfortable with this topic should not read any further.
Summary: The Farrell's, an Irish family living in the States move to Santa Monica. where the father has a new job. There Colin meets a beautiful stranger who turns his worl upside down.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. They are all their own persons and I don't claim to know anything of their sexual preferences or habits. Also I want to make clear that all of this is invented and not used to make profit.

Notes: This story is an AU and therefore the age and also the professions of the characters have been changed to accommodate the plot. The idea of this story came up when I thought about what to write with an Colin/Orli pairing. Rotschopf asked me on the Archives Tag board when there would be something to read from me. Well, here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in Real World but somehow I thought about this story.

A thousand thanks to Doodle who betaes the series for me.


Colin groaned and rubbed his aching temples, trying to massage the pain in his head away. Two hours. Two fucking hours Craig had spent now, trying to persuade him to come with Craig and Shaun to Viggo's party in the evening. That was two hours too long.

"Colin, please!" the whining got worse and worse with every minute. It was unbearable. "I am begging you."

"Forget it, Craig, I am not going to come with you." Colin fished one of the ice cubes out of his glass and let it melt on his head, the coldness stinging like a stab into his head. Definitely not a good idea. "I don't want to be there." He stopped Craig from disagreeing. "Look, you got Marton and Shaun's got Viggo but I have only enemies. I'd rather prefer staying at home."

"But ... but if you aren't going, we can't either!" This made Shaun look up in surprise and raise a questioning eyebrow. "You have to come with us."

"Craig, stop making such a fuss! Of course the two of you can go there without me." Colin glared at the puppy dog eyed Kiwi. I am not going to give in!

Shaun patted his Greenleaf friend on the head. "Come on, Craig, leave it be." He smiled at him and sent the pouting Kiwi to the bath to take a shower. Once Craig had left, Shaun turned sharply to Colin, grilling him with his stare. "Okay, spill it!"

"What?!" Colin took a step back, not liking the determined look on Shaun's face one bit. "Shaun?"

"I know that there is something you are not telling me, mate. So spill it already!" The unforgiving voice brooked no excuse.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Colin turned away and walked to his desk, sorting his neatly organised papers and pencils.

Shaun wanted to knock him on the head. Why was he making it so difficult?" Colin! Why are you not going to the party with us?"

"Becau... "

"Stop right there. If this continues with 'because I don't...' forget it and tell me the truth." Shaun stood with clenched fists facing Colin's back.

"I can't do this anymore, Shaun. I simply can't," Colin plopped down on his chair and sighed heavily.

"Colin ... "

"No! You said you wanted to know and now you will." Colin rubbed over his eyes and slumped down. "The first time I met him was on the beach. He was laughing at me or more likely about me. I was so shocked about my feelings that I did the first thing that came to my mind. I ran. I couldn't help it I ran straight back home, hoping to forget the whole incident. When we next met, he accused me of hitting on his girlfriend. I mean, hey, I wouldn't want her if they paid me for it, but the bitch, sorry, chick, was like old chewing gum, not to be got rid of. She followed me around, clung to me and batted her eyes at me. So of course this is how he found me, 'chatting up' his girlfriend and he hates me for that. Ever since I made it a point of avoiding every place he might possibly hang out or show up. It went well until yesterday and today he followed me the whole day, making sure that I, as he so beautifully puts it, stay away from his girl. I couldn't stand it anymore and told him that I was gay. So. that's why I don't want to go. I don't want to see him."

Shaun listened to Colin's confession and longed to hug him. "You don't want to be refused by him. That's what it's all about, isn't it?" He stepped up to the sad friend and crouched down next to the chair. Tentatively he reached out for him and patted his arm.

Sighing heavy, Colin stared at his hands in his lap. "I am sorry, Shaun, for being such an asshole friend. I really am. I destroy the great evening the two of you would have by being stubborn but I don't want to see him looking at me like he did today again. Better to see him not at all."

" No, if somebody's an asshole, then it's me but the problem is that I want to make the best of my short stay I can. Colin, let's be honest, after I leave Viggo won't even remember me. He'll just move on to somebody else. As much as I love being courted by him and how hard I may fall myself, I don't try to fool myself. I know that I only have to this once." It hurt but Shaun was realistic enough to know that was exactly what was going to happen. "I am nothing but a temporary interest to Viggo."

"That's not true. He really likes you." Colin grabbed Shaun's hand on his arm and squeezed it reassuringly, wanting to lift his depressive mood.

"Yeah, he really wants me in his bed and that's okay with me. I mean, I learned a long time ago that we can't always have what we want." Shaun forced himself to smile and got up. "I am gonna take a look how Craig's doing. You okay now?" When Colin nodded Shaun left him alone to ponder about all that had been said.

He felt really bad for Shaun because he knew that his friend was always right. Maybe it had been too good to be true, his friends coming here and hooking up with the locals, making it for Colin more bearable to live here. A chat with his father was in order about now. Colin got up and headed downstairs.


They walked down 2nd Street to Wilshire Bvd and turned right. Since Viggo lived that close to Colin, the three of them had decided to walk there.

The evening was warm and so the three of them had donned slacks and short sleeved shirts. Craig’s dark blue and Shaun’s emerald green coloured outfits were the complete opposite to Colin’s military pants and the beige wife beater. Combat boots completed his I-am-dangerous look. He had to admit that this outfit was to gain more courage to actually go to the from him so dreaded party. Colin hoped it made him look at least a tiny bit fearsome.

“I think it’s great that you changed your mind and came with us.” Craig clung to Colin as if wanting to make sure that his friend didn’t escape. The smaller Kiwi grinned happily and anxiously waited to arrive at the ominous party.

“Well, thought about it once it was nice and quiet in my room and decided to come with the both of you to make sure you’re not getting into any trouble.” The second time this day he was awarded a Craig raspberry and Colin chuckled amused, “Very charming, I have to say, Craig.”

Colin was afraid of what might happen at the party. He was afraid of seeing Orlando again after blurting out or rather shouting at him that he was gay. Would the other have done the maths and figured out why Colin had always been so nervous around Orlando?

“Oh, I am so anxious about this.” Craig bounced up the sidewalk and smiled overjoyed. “Coming to Santa Monica has been so much fun so far.”

“That it has,” was Shaun’s sombre statement. The discussion he had had with Colin still in mind, Shaun felt more nervous than happy. It had been true what he had said but still he couldn’t help hoping he was wrong. Maybe it was more than that. Maybe not.

The houses up here were a little bit smaller than the ones in 2nd Street but all in all they looked very much the same. The street went slightly uphill and Colin, Craig and Shaun followed it to number 12. This house was of a dark grey with petrol coloured window panes and shutters. It had a white terrace. Lights were on everywhere inside and music emanated to the outside. From the looks of all the cars in front of the house, most of the guests had already arrived.

The three of them walked up to the front door and rang the bell. The door opened and in front of them stood Liv. Her cheeks were flushed and she giggled. “Hi, guys! Come inside.” Turning she disappeared inside the house again.

Taking all the courage he could muster, Colin stepped through the door, giving his two friends the necessary courage to follow his example. The corridor led them from the entrance to the living room in the back of the house. Everywhere people blocked the path drinking drinks, chatting or dancing.

In the living room the music was played loudly and people were swaying and dancing to the beat. In a corner a bar keeper, who was nobody else but Marton, handed out drinks. Craig squealed excited and dashed over to him, leaving Colin and Shaun to themselves.”

“Have you seen Viggo anywhere?” Colin had to shout into Shaun’s ear.

“No, but I haven’t looked properly yet.”

“Well, then go ahead and do so. I’ll get myself a drink.” Colin made his way through the masses and arrived at the provisory bar, where Craig was busy smiling and batting his eyes at Marton. “Hey there!”

Marton turned to the intruder and smiled at Colin. ”Hey! How can I help you, mate?”

“The only thing that helps is a beer and a whiskey.”

“On it’s way!” Marton opened the fridge and took a bottle of Red Rush out. Taking a glass he put some ice from the freezer into it and added a shot of Jack Daniel’s to it. “Here you are.”

“Great” Thank you!” Taking his drinks, Colin once more fought his was through the dancing crowd and headed outside into the garden, leaving the heat and most of the noise behind him in the house. Walking around he found a cosy pot under a tree and sat down on the grass.

So far his plan of attending without being seen had worked out mighty fine. He hadn’t met Orli yet. Colin downed the liquor and leaned back against the trunk of the tree. He hoped that time wouldn’t crawl by but hurry up, so he could go back home soon. The only reason he had come with Shaun and Craig was that he felt he should be present in the case something happened to one of them. Most of all he was worried about Shaun. His friend’s words were still clear in his mind.

Deep in thoughts he nursed his beer not noticing the approaching figure. Startled he looked up as he heard somebody clearing his throat.

“Hi!” Orli stepped up to Colin under the tree and took the sight of his former fiend in.

Colin groaned and took a swig from the bottle. “Great. Gonna protect your girlfriend again?”

Orlando feverishly thought about how to approach the other without getting him into a fighting stance or making him run. He had to tread very carefully. “No, I just wanted to say hello.”

“Well, then ‘hello’” Colin got up and wanted to head back inside. Why couldn’t time speed up so that he could leave again?

“Wait!” Orlando’s hand shot out and he grabbed Colin’s arm to stop his flight. “I … I want to talk.”

“Go, look for your friends. Talk to them.”

“But I want to talk to you. I want to apologise.” Orlando held tight on Colin’s arm. “Please.”

“Guess what, I don’t want to talk to you.” Colin tore his arm away and stormed back into the house, heading straight for the bar. Marton was gone, Craig having disappeared with him, but another guy Colin did not know, was handing out drinks now. Slamming down the empty bottle, he got himself another whiskey, downing it at once, and after that another one and a bottle of beer.

“Slow it down.” Orlando tried to pry the two drinks from Colin’s grasp, failing when the other drank the shot of liquor in one go, starting on the beer immediately. “Colin, please!”

“You know my name? My real one, not asshole or any of your other pet names for me? My real name?” Colin shook his head in disbelief. What did this guy in ’10 things I hate about you’ say? Hell is just a sauna? No, hell is right here. This very party. His legs feeling rather heavy, not being able to run from his tormentor, his whole body betraying him, Colin nursed his beer and watched the dancers and tried to ignore the beauty standing so close to him.

He had seen that one coming. Orlando knew that he had made a couple of mistakes right from the start but he wanted to give it a try. After leaving the Farrell house and the surprising confession about Colin’s sexuality, he had strolled back in the exhausting heat and thought about every single incident, trying to find any clues or hints to prove Colin wrong but there were none to be found. Nothing the other had done so far was a reason or the cause to the contempt he had received. Realizing that, it had been very hard, rather impossible, for Orlando to stick to the hate and the anger. He had to rethink his opinion on Colin and after some consideration he realised something strange. The anger he had felt hadn’t been concentrated on Colin but on Kate. He had been hurt that the girl had once more played with him and his feelings like they meant nothing to her, which they probably didn’t. Not wanting to face the problems he had with his girlfriend Orlando had just blamed everything on Colin, giving himself and the newcomer never the chance to befriend each other. It was time to make things right.

“Excuse me!” with these words Colin pushed through the crowd, leaving a stunned and hurt Colin behind.

“But … “ … You have to let me correct this mess. Orlando stood rooted and stared at Colin’s retreating back. Would he just stand here and let things stay as they were? No! “Wait!” Calling out to the fleeing Colin he shoved the dancers aside to follow the other to the corridor. „Colin, please!”

Suddenly an arm grabbed hold of Orlando and he spun around to face Kate, who smiled smugly at him. “Going somewhere, love?”

“Kate, I’ll be with you in a sec I just have to talk to somebody right now.” He craned his neck to catch a glimpse from Colin’s back but the only thing he saw was the front door shut. Damn! NO! He looked back to Kate and opened his mouth to ask her to let go as he saw the expression on her face.

“Running after the cocksucker? He is not worth it you know.” Her voice was cold and hard.

There was the sharp intake of breath and Orlando and Kate turned to see an ashen faced Craig standing behind them with a stricken look on his face. The Kiwi’s frame trembled and he fought hard to keep the tears, which stung his eyes, back. He couldn’t believe that they would say something like that.

Just as he was about to break down and cry Shaun embraced his friend and after sending a hateful glare at the two of them he guided Craig to the front door to leave the party. The blonde refused Marton to let him help. “You can come tomorrow to visit him but today he’s had enough of the friendliness displayed here.” With these words he left together with the crying bundle of Craig in his arms.



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