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FIC: "An Tus Don Stoirm" (6/10)

  • May. 7th, 2009 at 2:10 PM
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Author: Simarillion
Archive: Daunting Byron
Pairing: Colin/Orli, Marton/Craig, Sean B/Viggo
Rating: G
Warning: This story is RPS which means Real Person Slash. It has Homo-erotic content (m/m) and everybody not comfortable with this topic should not read any further.
Summary: The Farrell's, an Irish family living in the States move to Santa Monica. where the father has a new job. There Colin meets a beautiful stranger who turns his worl upside down.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. They are all their own persons and I don't claim to know anything of their sexual preferences or habits. Also I want to make clear that all of this is invented and not used to make profit.

Notes: This story is an AU and therefore the age and also the professions of the characters have been changed to accommodate the plot. The idea of this story came up when I thought about what to write with an Colin/Orli pairing. Rotschopf asked me on the Archives Tag board when there would be something to read from me. Well, here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in Real World but somehow I thought about this story.


It was a bright and sunny morning and most of Santa Monica’s population was already down at the beach worshipping the sun, the sand and the sea. Most of Santa Monica’s population, but not all of them. Shaun, Craig and Colin sat at the breakfast table and silently forced themselves to eat something. But it was a slow and torturous ordeal for somehow all three of them were unable to swallow the tiny nibbles they chewed unenthusiastically. The reason for this communal discomfort and silence was the party last night. Shaun had brought Craig home only to find Colin sitting in the garden, petting Boadicea. After having laid the distraught Kiwi down and making sure that the young one was fast asleep he had padded silently downstairs and joined his friend. They hadn’t talked except for Colin mumbling quietly, „Sorry.”

The door bell rang and Colin looked from his cornflakes, his eyes having a haunted look. When he gave no indication of getting up and answering the door, Shaun heaved himself from his chair and walked to the front door. Opening it he stood face to face with Marton. The older Kiwi anxiously eyed Shaun and shifted nervously from on e foot to the other. “Um, is Craig at home?”

Shaun was about to say ‘no’ and send the other away as he the soft and insecure voice of Craig was heard from the kitchen door, “ Marton?” The young one cautiously padded to the open entrance door and the other Kiwi waiting for him there.

Marton longed to rush past Shaun and embrace his little one but from the tense body of the blonde he knew that it would be a very bad idea. Carefully he stepped closer and sent Shaun a questioning glance. When the other stepped aside and let him inside, Marton sighed relieved and scooped up his little one. “I missed you szerelem. Will you forgive me for what happened last night?”

“It’s not you who has to ask for forgiveness, it’s that stupid bitch,” Shaun growled as he brushed past the two Kiwis and headed for the kitchen and the dreaded breakfast.

Craig pressed his body close to Marton and inhaled the other’s scent, feeling oddly content and safe. “It was just so mean and she said it with so much hatred and contempt.” Craig shivered. “Why did she say that?”

“I don’t know.” Marton kissed his loved one’s tousled hair and held him close, grateful that he hadn’t lost him. “I don’t know, szerelem.”

Looking from his cosy snuggle place, Craig smiled shyly up at Marton. “Marton?”

“Yes, little one?”

“What does ‘szerelem’ mean?” Craig blushed when saying Marton’s pet name for him.

“It means ‘Love’ or ‘loved one’. It’s Hungarian.My father's parents were from Hungary.” Marton slowly bend down and kissed Craig’s lips lovingly.

The soft words and the even softer touch made Craig shiver deliciously and he closed his eyes, enjoying the intimate and caring touches.


In the kitchen Shaun found Colin still staring at the plate in front of him, not noticing what was going on all around him. The blonde frowned concerned and sat back down at the table, watching Colin’s every move. Well, watching Colin not move was more correctly. Shaun’s friend was so quiet that he was afraid the other had stopped breathing all together. He was mightily relieved as he noticed Colin’s chest heaving.

Colin was lost in his thoughts. He was reliving the days since they had moved to this dreaded city and tried to find out what he had done to annoy fate like this. He simply couldn’t find an explanation to why everything went wrong all the time. First having to leave his only two friends behind, then meeting Orlando, after that Orlando hating him, Orlando’s friends hating him, Colin’s friends hurting because of Orlando’s friends, ….. The party yesterday had just been the glorious top of the whole ordeal.

Colin felt somehow very tired and he wished nothing more than to wake up and find out that all of this had just been a bad dream. He had tried to wake himself up this morning. Pinching himself over and over again. Harder and harder. But Shaun had found him and stopped him from ‘inflicting any harm to himself’ as he had put it.

Shaun was really, really worried now and he thought about starting a conversation as the doorbell rang again. Sending another glance at Colin he got up and returned to the front door, noticing on his way through the corridor that Craig and Marton had to have walked upstairs because they were gone.

Opening this time the blonde felt the urge to slam it shut again, when seeing the visitor or let’s say visitors on the front porch.

“Um, I wanted to talk to Colin, is he …” Orlando nervously searched Shaun’s face for any friendliness but found none.

“In the kitchen.” Was the hard reply.

As Orlando cautiously passed Shaun, the blonde growled low. “If you cause him any harm, I will hurt you. Be sure of that.”

Orlando paled and nodded, heading down the corridor to the kitchen.

Viggo had watched the whole scene unfold and had felt the desire the kill the blonde when he growled at Orli. His little brother had kept Viggo awake the whole night, blaming himself for everything that had happened. When Viggo had tried to tell him that it was actually Kate’s fault because she had started it all, Orli had refused to accept this explanation and said that he ought to have noticed that she had been lying. Seeing his younger brother so devastated he got angrier and angrier with Shaun for being so rude to Orlando.

Shaun was about to close the door in Viggo’s face and head to the garden as Viggo’s hand shot out and grabbed Shaun by the shoulder. Looking up into the smouldering eyes, Shaun noticed the anger in the other one. His heart clenched and he knew then he would never have a real chance now with Viggo. But then he never had had one, hadn’t he?

“Wait!” Viggo stepped into the house and closed the door behind him. He wanted to lash out at the blonde but he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to hurt him for his rudeness, as much he wanted to hold him and apologise for the hurt yesterday. Yes, Shaun was the strongest of the three Greenleaf friends but being that he was the one who was never allowed to show his emotions, the one who had always to be the strong one. Viggo knew that what the other needed right now was an embrace, loving words and caressing touches.

“What for?” Shaun sighed. “What do you want?”

Viggo reached out with the other hand for Shaun and pulled him close, embracing him tightly.

Shaun had expected a lot of things to happen but not this. At first he was too surprised to fight the embrace and then he was too weak to pull away. He needed the touch, even if they didn’t mean the same to Viggo as they meant to him. Closing his eyes he clung to the Santa Monican, absorbing the body’s warmth and strength.


Orlando silently sneaked into the kitchen where found Colin sitting unmoving, staring at his plate in front of him. He felt guilt crushing over him and carefully as not to startle the other sitting at the table Orlando approached Colin.

Colin was close to tears now. He hadn’t cried for quite long time now. Not since Claudine his little baby sister had died in an accident. The small girl had run out from the garden and on the street just as a car had driven by. The driver had tried to stop but it had already been too late. The whole family had been under a shock and it had taken months for Catherine to start talking again after this incident. She had seen the accident and the dead girl on the street. Colin had cried for days without end. He hadn’t been able to understand, being only six years himself at that time, how somebody so young could just die and disappear for ever. So ten years after the last time Colin cries he felt close to tears again. All because of a stupid girl and a breath taking beautiful guy.

Orlando sat down in the chair next to Colin and studied his face. The other looked to be lost in thoughts. Bad ones, if the the dark shadows in his eyes were telling the truth. Carefully he reached out for the hand gripping the spoon and clasped his own fingers around it. This seemed to startle Colin out of is referee.

“Hi” Orlando smiled warmly at the confused Colin.

“What … “ Colin’s voice broke. “What are you doing here?”

Oralndo looked at his hand holding Colin’s. “Asking for forgiveness?” A heavy sigh. “I wanted to say that I am really sorry for what I did ever since you came here.”

Colin stared in confusion and wonder at the person sitting next to him, holding his hand and felt his breath hitch. This was just so unreal. Suddenly he couldn’t fight the tears anymore and they ran down his cheek, hot and salty, making their way down his cheeks.

Orlando stared at the teary face in horror and cursed himself for coming here. He had caused even more pain instead of healing some of the pain he had already caused. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have come.” He let go of Colin’s hand and got up.

Colin felt as if all the warmth had been taken from his life and the world was the barren ice desert of the Antarctica. The moment he saw the horror in Orlando’s eyes and he felt the retreat, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Pushing his chair so fast back that it toppled over, Colin stormed out of the kitchen, through the corridor, past Shaun and Viggo and into the garden. There he crawled on the garden swing and curled up.


Shaun tore himself away from Viggo and stormed into the kitchen, Viggo on his heals. They found a very confused Orlando who stared at the place a certain person had occupied just seconds ago. The anger he had felt when seeing Colin so distraught disappeared upon seeing the hurt and confusion in Orlando’s eyes. Heaving a deep sigh Shaun stepped up to him and cleared his throat.

The other flinched and looked into the emerald greens of Shaun. “I swear I didn’t do anything to hurt him but he just started to cry and I thought that maybe it would be better to leave him and not cause him anymore pain. That’s when he ran.”

Shaun frowned. It was not like Colin to run and most of all to cry. He couldn’t remember having ever seen his friend cry. Oh, there was this one incident years ago. So, yes he had seen him cry before but that was even worse because Shaun knew how much Colin had to hurt if he did so now. “Go to him. He is in the garden.” Seeing Boadicea sleeping on a chair, he picked her up and handed her to Orlando. “Take her with you. He needs comfort.”

He watched Orlando taking the little cat from him and noticed the uncertainty in his face.“Are you sure you can do that. If you are afraid to do it because you don’t want this closeness with another man, let me go.”

Orlando shook his head and held the little fluffy fur ball tightly. “I want to do it.” Determined he marched off to the garden to find Colin.

Viggo had watched the whole scene without interfering and was happy to have done that. He wanted to show Shaun that he trusted him. With everything. Even with his family. Seeing the blonde’s tense posture he approached him from behind and slung his arms around him. “Thank you.”

Viggo had been able to surprise him once again. “What for?”

“For letting Orlando go.” Viggo turned Shaun in his embrace and captured his lips in a deep kiss, stealing Shaun’s breath away and putting as much comfort and strength in it as possible.


Orlando stepped out of the house, into the garden and found Colin curled up on the garden swing. Regretting even mentioning to leave him alone in his misery, Orlando walked over to the lonely and sad figure and climbed onto the swing too. It was rather small but he managed to sit on it and pull Colin into his embrace, handing the purring kitty over to Colin. He soothingly rubbed over Colin’s back. “I am so sorry for being such a jerk.”

Colin couldn’t help himself and clung to the warm and calming form of Orlando. “Thank you” Was the whispered reply from Colin as he basked in the body heat of his beauty.

Orlando felt his heart rejoice and thanked Shaun mentally for sending him out here. He realised now that if he had left, he would have never stood another chance. Smiling down at the human/kitty bundle in his arms he felt happiness and warmth flood him. This was what he should have done from the beginning. This time he did the right thing.



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